About me

”…Learn to look at life through the prism of paints…”
Ewa Maria Piechota


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From a young age, I had a crush on art. I was fascinated by its diversity, versatility, but also by the secret it hid. Wanting to delve into this secret I fell in love with it for good and came to the point where I have done many exhibitions, competitions, hundreds of works done and finally I can invite you to my world in which I love what I do.

I could write why for I like watercolors, why fascinates me in the perchment technique or why I love painting on glass, but I prefer to focus on the fact that I value the most the opportunity to convey a feeling, tell a story, capture the moment with a brush or pencil. For me this is the art – an emotion, an unspoken word and sometimes an unfulfilled dream.

In addition to the satisfaction of creating art itself, I am very happy that my works are appreciated by the recipients and have already been hung in many places in Poland and in the world.

One of the joys that accompany me on a daily basis is sharing my passion by conducting thematic workshops, working with children and young people, but also with seniors, individual classes and charity events in which I willingly participate. Cooperation with many Cultural Centers, schools and medical facilities allows me to implement my plan – to honor art regardless of age.

And as at the beginning … I invite you to yourself. And if you want to write to me, use the “contact” tab.

Thank you

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